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Our Services

We individualize care to families in their  prenatal and postnatal journeys!



The Cam

24/7 phone support through pregnancy to help with questions and to provide advocacy when needed. Includes registration to a childbirth education class. Begins as soon as we sign a contract through your birth. 


at $1,200 usd


The Max

24/7 phone support throughout pregnancy beginning  at signing of contract. Two prenatal visits to get to know each other and to create a birth plan, we also go over comfort measures and comfort techniques during these visits. Then two weeks of on call service starting at the week prior to your due date and the week after. Birth Support throughout the duration of labor and two hours postpartum. This also includes one postpartum visit five days after birth to address any questions or feeding issues you may have concerns about.


at $1,700 usd


The Mia - Postpartum

45 hours of pp support These sessions are 3-4 hour daytime visits that consist of: Help with infant basics-bathing, swaddling, soothing techniques, general health Emotional support for the mother/family Feeding support-lactation support and bottle feeding/pump support Minor household chores; baby bottles, baby laundry, light dishes, meal prep Sibling support for older siblings Care of infant while parents nap, rest, shower, get outside 


at $1,700 usd



The Scout - Postpartum

100 hours of Postpartum Support The same support provided in The Mia but can include overnight support as well. Overnight support is provided in 6-8 hour sessions where we take care of the newborn while the new parents get well deserved sleep. If you are breastfeeding then we can bring the baby to you for feedings and take the baby once a feeding is over and change and sooth the baby and put them back to bed. This package gives you the option of combining daytime sessions and overnight sessions.


at $3,500 usd



The Leo - Postpartum

150 hours of PP support

The same as the Mia and Scout but this package extends out to 16 weeks postpartum,

You can also combine day sessions with overnight sessions as well. 


at $5,300 usd

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Overnight Only

#1-The Charlie

1 overnight per week for 4 weeks-$1,440

#2-The Chris

2 overnights per week for 4 weeks-$2,880

#3-The Lucas

1 overnight per week for 6 weeks-$2,160

#4-The Mary Francis

2 overnights per week for 6 weeks-$4,320


Per diem hours are $38 for daytime support and $46 for overnight support

Overnight Only
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